The following general conditions should apply to all bookings made through this website. Please read them carefully before making and finishing a reservation. This is an English translation of the terms and conditions that you will find here:

On the one hand THE COMPANY acting as an intermediary in the management of service:

registered in the Mercantile Registry of the province of Alicante.

On the other hand: THE SUPPLIER, agent to provide the contracted service.

And another: THE CLIENT, a person who handles the booking request and pays the corresponding amount.

That all parties are interested in entering into a contract for the provision of a service shuttle bus to long travel, in accordance with the terms previously established by company and supplier, and consciously accepted by the customer.

The purchase of a travel document implies the acceptance in their entirety in the present document of the general conditions of sale apply to bus transportation. These prevail in all other conditions that appear in any document.

The provider together with the Company reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the sale at any time. The provisions shall be those in force on the date of purchase by the customer.

1. General Information

1.1 Stops:

These are only the following stops in the shuttle bus:

  • Departure from Paris Porte Maillot”(Parking Pershing 6th arr.) to the Beauvais Airport
  • Departure from the airport Beauvais arrives in Paris Porte Maillot” (Parking Pershing Arr 17a)

Any connection is made without any intermediate stop as possible. Any departure of the bus before you get to the point of deposit of customers provided is strictly prohibited.

1.2 Schedule:

For departures from the only stop in Paris in the best conditions, it is recommended that all users be submitted at the place of departure specified not later than 15 minutes before the scheduled time of departure of the bus.

The schedules are indicative and are subject to change without notice. Change in the exchange rate for each season according to aerospace companies.

The bus that link connections with flights arriving and departing from the Beauvais airport will be provided to the extent possible, it doesn’t guarantee their timely departures and arrivals.

Both Supplier and the Company will not cover any expenses as a result of a delay or change of schedule.

In no event shall the Company be liable for any delays in the arrival of the bus at your stop or elimination of the service by the event of force majeure. The force majeure extends to all external events unrelated to the company, introducing a character at the same time unpredictable, irresistible and insurmountable that prevents the provider to carry out all or part of its obligations.

1.3 Passengers:

The person responsible for the purchase of tickets must be over 18 years and is responsible to follow and complete all the steps in the online shopping system appropriately and ensure that all data provided is correct and complete.

Once the contract between the customer and the company, this will make all the necessary arrangements for organizing and arranging of the requested services with the provider.

It is expressly prohibited to persons under the age of 18 apply for services to the Company; their parents, guardians or legal responsibility will need to contact us immediately in the event that a child has reserved a service with us to proceed to its cancellation. Children should always travel in the company of an adult passenger.

The transport of passengers with reduced mobility is carried out under the same conditions as described in this document for people without disabilities. All buses are adapted and adapted to enable a person with a disability can access without problems.

The access to the bus is strictly prohibited to any passenger traveling on roller skates, scooters, skateboards or similar devices.

1.4 Sales:

Through our website, the user can purchase the ticket for a single or combined transfer (round trip), either for an adult (12 years of age or older) or for a child (who has not reached 12 years of age). Payment of the purchase will be made immediately after completing the reservation process.

The issuance and delivery of electronic tickets is carried out automatically immediately after purchase, however technical problems may appear that prevent the correct generation of the ticket immediately, so we recommend that you buy your ticket well in advance to not have problems with the availability of the ticket at the time of use.

Once issued, the ticket will be valid for a maximum period of 12 months from the date of purchase. The ticket can be used any day, at any time and in the direction you want. Roundtrip tickets cannot be used immediately, it must take at least 2 hours for the next use.

The electronic ticket is subject to the conditions of sale accepted before payment. The customer has no right of withdrawal after payment.

Once the payment has been made on the website provided by our bank, the customer must continue to the download page where we inform them of the order code and the links to the download page of their tickets. If you encounter any problems during this process or have doubts about whether the payment has been made correctly, please, before making a new purchase, contact our Support Center and they will indicate the status of your reservation. We remind you that tickets once issued cannot be canceled or returned under any circumstances.
It is mandatory that each customer download their ticket in PDF and present their ticket (printed or on their mobile device) ensuring a good definition for reading, in order to board the bus.

If after the purchase process you have received the charge, but you have not received the tickets, from the DOWNLOADS section of our website you can access the download page of your tickets indicating your reservation email and your booking code (begins with BVA ), which you will have received at the end of the purchase process. If you do not remember your booking code you can request to send the email with the download link and your booking code indicating your email, we recommend that you include the email “” to your list of trusted contacts to prevent it from reaching the SPAM tray. If you still have difficulties downloading your tickets, please contact our Support Center to solve this situation.

The tickets generated are saved for 24 hours on the company’s server. It is the customer’s responsibility to download the tickets after purchase and keep them in a safe place until use. If you cannot find the tickets to download on the server, please contact the Support Center as soon as possible to solve the problem.

1.5 Prices and form of payment:

All prices are quoted in euros including taxes (VAT). Only children under four years of age are exempt from paying your ticket of transport (traveling without a ticket).

Children from four to eleven years inclusive applies the reduced rate of 9.9€ for a single ticket and 19.5€ for the round trip ticket. This fee does not apply to organized groups and field trips. The Provider reserves the right to verify the identity papers of the minors. From the eleven years to all passengers are subject to the normal rate of 15.9€ for a single ticket and 28.75€ for the round trip ticket.

The payment of tickets via the web only is by credit or debit card Visa, Eurocard or MasterCard.

The bank card payment allows you to pay via a bank server in a secure environment. At any time, the number of full credit card of the customer shall be communicated to the supplier. The exchanges are encrypted and are secured with 3 SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

The order will be validated once payment is deemed to banking. In the event of rejection, the order will be canceled.

1.6 Return and Cancellation Policy:

Once the tickets have been generated, in any case will they be reimbursed. If the client renounces the trip, there will be no refund and no exchanges will be possible. A lost ticket will not be returned even once it is found. The sale of any bus tickets from an individual to a third party is totally prohibited. The tickets have a duration of 1 year from the date of purchase and are not nominal.

The company offers its customers the option to cancel the purchase while the tickets have not been generated, this option is optional and is subject to its own conditions of use.

1.7 Baggage:

It is strictly forbidden to the transportation of baggage whose content put in danger to the rest of passengers (sharp objects, flammable, explosive, etc.).

The Supplier has the capacity to refuse to carry inside their buses baggage exceeding the weight or size above, give off an unpleasant odor, this fragility or contains any product which is perishable.

It is allowed to bring inside buses bags, personal effects, packages and other objects that can be stored in the compartments located at the top of the seats. Shall have a maximum size of 20x25x45, with a maximum weight of 2 kg and will not cause discomfort to the rest of the passengers.

Any package of objects, luggage, bag or several that do not fit in the departments intended for them in the interior of the bus, shall be stored by the owner in the bunkers of the bus.

In the event of a refusal on the part of the client, the bus driver shall have the authority to prohibit access to board for refusing to submit to this obligation. This refusal will not be grounds for the right to reimbursement of the ticket of the client.

Extra baggage allowed:

  • Baby Strollers: allows a maximum folding stroller per customer and should be stored in the bunkers of the bus. Strollers are prohibited not folding.
  • Large Objects (bicycles, skis, surfboards, musical instruments, etc.): allow you to travel in the hold request to the following e-mail address with at least 72h before the date you want to make the output. Transportation, handling and monitoring of the large object will always be under the responsibility of the owner.

The Supplier and the Company are exempt from any damage during the journey to your baggage is located in the cellar or in the department of the interior of the bus.

Lost Luggage:

Every object found by a customer inside the bus must be informed as soon as possible driver or bus staff to take the necessary measures.

The objects found will be centralized on the day after its discovery. Lost and found items can be claimed by presenting their identification in the baggage service litigation in the Beauvais airport.

Neither Supplier or the company is responsible for the missing objects that are not as well as theft of luggage or objects. It is forbidden to leave the luggage top smart phones, mobile phones, tablet, PC, laptops, cameras or any other value object. you must contact with SAGEB – Baggage Claims Department, Paris-Beauvais Airport, CS 20442, 60004 Beauvais Cedex, Tel: 03 44 11 46 00. The Company & SAGEB assumes no responsibility for lost or unfound items.

2. General Conditions


2.1 Obligations of the client:

The client end has the obligation to make sure that it has in its possession a valid ticket. It will only be able to perform the transfer if it is able to present the authentic ticket validated, in good condition and without any modification. Each ticket includes a bar code to check for validity.

Once on the bus the user must present to the driver or driver the ticket for the trip. If the ticket is rejected, the Customer shall immediately contact customer care to check the validity.

Each customer must keep their ticket throughout the duration of the journey, in order to present it at the request of the agent.

Users must respect the order and tranquillity for all passengers on board of vehicles. Customers are required to have a friendly and polite behavior during the whole journey. When the driver believed that the life or safety of persons transported are compromised or endangered by the inappropriate behavior of any of the passengers, interrupted his career and take all the necessary measures, including the immediate arrest of the vehicle. Combined packages of two o more differents products must be used within 24 hours (bus round trip are not affected).

Any person who violates the rules established by the Provider shall be responsible for the physical and material due to their behavior.

Therefore, it is prohibited:

  • Smoking / use the electronic cigarettes in the car to
  • Bring food and/or drinks in the vehicle
  • Throw inside the vehicle all kinds of papers, newspapers, packaging, waste of every kind that can damage the hygiene or the cleanliness and may cause conditions of operation of the equipment
  • The obstruction of the conduct and speak with the driver during the trip unless it is absolutely necessary to
  • Use emergency exits unreasonably prolonged
  • Use without legal reason for any alarm or safety device to prevent the doors from opening or closing
  • Park the vehicle on the stairs
  • Degrade, stain or damage all vehicle systems and the various signs, stickers, posters or signs that includes
  • Put The feet on the seats
  • Using mobile phones in the first row of seats directly behind the driver
  • Use sound equipment or instruments, a source of annoyance to other clients

During the trip any accident or incident must be reported immediately to the driver.

Any victim of a robbery, assault or act of Workplace Incivility committed in the scope of the vehicle must report the incident immediately to the staff.

The use of safety belts is obligatory for all passengers. If customers do not comply with the regulations required apply individual criminal responsibility for each of them, since they are older than 13 years.

In the event of non-compliance with the provisions of this Article, the supplier and the company declined in advance no responsibility for accidents or damage that might result.

In order not to disturb the driving, in the first row of seats behind the driver are prohibited:

  • Children under 8 years
  • Customers with animals
2.2 Obligations of the Company and Supplier:

Against possible claims by the customer for causes produced during the service carried out by the supplier, the company remains totally exempt any liability toward the customer. The Company will do everything possible to facilitate the contact details of the supplier to the customer so that both can reach an amicable solution.

2.3 Intellectual Property Rights:

The rights of intellectual property of the website of The Company are protected by national and international standards that have been granted under license. It is forbidden to use the website for any use other than the reservation of transportation services. Changing it is not allowed for the subsequent publication or reproduction in whole or in part in any field without the express authorization of City Serving.

2.4 Processing of customer’s information:

City Serving can use users identifiers of the website to compile information that can help to improve its services. When the user of the web ask for a quote to realise the transfer service and facilitate its personal datas such as name, address and email address. City Serving use these datas to offer the future promotions and offers that might interest you. In these cases, the promotions and offers are sent to the e-mail address of the client.

In the moment that the client accept the information of the booking transport service, the client is authorised tacitly to City Serving to communicate these datas to the service supplier to carry out the transport service. Also, it is considered to authorised to use these datas to process the payment and in the case of billing service, to offer other services that might interest the client and will be sent by e-mail.

In any case, every personal datas that the users of the web communicate in the same are kept in automated files safeguarded whose registers are declared at the Agency of Protection of Data. It is guaranteed that every process shall be subject to the most stringent controls relating to the security and confidentiality of the personal datas facilitated by the clients and web users.

In the event that the client wishes to stop receiving information in the future about the promotions and offers that City Serving could send considering that are your interest, a simple request by E-mail in this sense will be sufficient for the cessation activity. similarly , if it wishes to request by E-mail to be informed, which are personal datas held by City Serving, can be able to request a modification of the same.

2.4 Complains:

In the EU Regulation n. 524/2013 on online dispute resolution in consumer matters entered into force on 09.01.2016. ODR ( Online Dispute Resolution). This reglament seeks to establish an independent judicial procedure, impartial, transparent, efficient, fast and just to resolve the various disputes arising from the on-line sale of goods and services among the countries of EU.

If you are an international customer from this page at the following link:European office for consumers is an international platform of the EU for the resolutions of a possible conflict that arises in the use of the services offered by this page.

You have every right to communicate if the service you are receiving or have received does not meet your expectations. It provides Customer Service by phone (+34 654 869 884) or by e-mail ( to communicate your complaints and discomforts, and be able to offer you a solution as soon as possible, always within our possibilities. Complaints are received after the transportation service and that we were not reported during the course of the transfer may not be accepted because we have not given the opportunity to provide help or intervene in some way. You will find our contact details on the booking.

2.5 Request for Information:

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection, I consent to the inclusion of my data in a file that is incumbent City Serving, and that they are used for the provision of the services contracted. In the same way, I authorized the dispatch of information relating to the company, its products or services. In addition, I declared to be informed about the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition that I will be able to exercise through letter addressed to City Serving. In Avenida 51, 03202 Alicante, Elche. Alicante. Spain; or by sending an email to the email address