Cancelation insurance conditions

Cancelation conditions

The cancellation, revocation or return of the generated tickets is not allowed in any case.

Cancelation insurance conditions (Optional)

The company optionally offers its customers the opportunity to cancel tickets that have been purchased but have not been generated. With this option, tickets whose indicated date of use is more than 2 days can be canceled at the express request of the client.

The possibility of cancellation of the tickets is a private agreement between the client and the company for the cancellation of a ticket that has been purchased but has not been issued or generated and that is offered as an extra option that can be contracted voluntarily together with the tickets.

In no case is it a travel insurance, loss / theft of luggage or any other form of insurance.

How does it work?
The client who hires the option called CANCELLATION INSURANCE, once the purchase and payment process is completed, will receive an email with a link to download page. In download page, two buttons will appear:

CANCEL: The customer, by clicking this link, will cancel the tickets and receive a refund of 100% of the amount of the tickets purchased.
DOWNLOAD: The client proceeds to issue and download tickets directly. Once you have clicked on this button, the tickets cannot under any circumstances be canceled or returned.

If the client has not canceled the tickets 2 days before the departure date indicated for use, the tickets are automatically generated and sent by email to the client, with no possibility of later cancellation or return.

The refund amount is only for the price of the tickets. The so-called CANCELLATION INSURANCE, fees and possible payment fees are not refundable.

If the client has not decided to contract the option called CANCELLATION INSURANCE, the generation and issuance of the tickets will be immediate and you will receive the tickets without the possibility of cancellation, revocation or refund in your email minutes after completing the payment of the purchase. If for a technical problem or for any other reason the client
has not been able to receive the tickets in the correct email address, they should quickly contact our Support Center to resolve the incident as soon as possible. In no case should you make a new purchase, since the tickets cannot be canceled or refunded.